Gaining Muscle

Gaining Muscle

Gaining Muscle

Gaining Muscle

Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle

Losing weight can be hard, but gaining muscle and burning fat can be easier.  There are three critical steps involved in both processes that you should take advantage of.  Consistency and discipline will give you great success. 

Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle From The Biggest Loser: sausage,ercise and nutrition

In Friday’s episode of the popular TV Show, Bill walked through some of the strategies that the contestants use to pack on the muscle and lose the fat.  These strategies of course include eating right and exercising.  However, there is one strategy that most people do not know about that really caters to one of the reasons for fat loss.  This is not a strategy that is new.  It is a strategy that has been around for a long time, but gets rarely heard about.

Long, slow endurance type activities like walking, jogging, and running are not the most effective way for burning fat.  Studies have found that it takes less than  30 minutes of high intensity exercise for the body to start burning fat.  That is about the length of time that contestant athletes run for on the treadmill in the show, which keeps them from getting in shape until the final 10 weeks of the season.

A consistent program of short duration more intense frequency exercise will give your body the best opportunity to burn fat.  In fact, the TV show made it perfectly clear that the workouts shown by contestant athletes in the gym are most a form of cardio training in which huge amounts of oxygen is used by the body.  That is what we should all do.  Run, walk, skip, bicycle, swim, work  with weights and other resistance training equipment.  Whether we like it or not, exercise is a critical factor in fat loss and weight loss.

No matter what type of exercise you engage in, you will not get the maximum benefit from it unless you eat the correct foods.  A balanced diet includes everything that you should eat and drink.  Commit to eating in the way that will best allow your body to burn fat.

Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle Are Related: 20-minute สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย aerobic workout + 5 free minutes of body sculpting exercise at home

Anaerobic exercise (ICAL muscles) like weight lifting or high intensity sprints burn glucose for energy while you are engaged in the exercise.  However, as soon as you go back to a resting state (after a 30 minute aerobic workout) you will start to burn fat.  The benefit of anaerobic exercise is that the body burns fat almost exclusively for fuel when oxygen is not available.

Eat fat for fuel.  Forget the diet foods.  Eat fat to burn fat.

Your body burn fat stores for energy all the time.  Most of us do not think about our body of course, but it is constantly burning fat.  However, if you deprive the body of fat, your body will court it and you may be running on broken down muscle fuel.

Join the Club:  Diet and exercise are values that are applied to everyone.

Losing weight means that you burn more fat than you take in.  You body has a maximum daily caloric requirement that cannot be exceeded so if you burn faster than your caloric intake you do not succeed in your weight loss efforts.  Regular exercise will boost your caloric burn and educate you in good eating habits.  Together, you can burn fat and gain muscle mass.

Committed to your success:  What diet will you follow, what exercises, what can you do, what will you eat?

Gaining Muscle